Whether you have the latest Samsung Gear VR edition or a previous version, it’s inevitable that you will need to replace the original face padding at some point. The face pad over time wears down and becomes grimy with sweat and skin particles from your face, especially after sharing it with family and friends.

For many VR enthusiasts, VR hygiene isn’t the only reason to replace the face padding. Many people would also like to improve the comfort of the device so they can spend more time immersed in virtual reality.

This is why we have developed a high quality, machine washable Gear VR face pad with better cushioning. Our Gear VR face pad works for both the latest edition and the previous generation.

Here is how you can quickly and easily swap out your old pad for your new one!

How to replace the original Gear VR face padding with my new VRology face pad?

  1. Remove the original face pad by pulling it off of the device. Don’t worry, it’s attached by Velcro and will come off easy.
  2. Take your new VRology face pad and line up the nose pieces to the Velcro on the device.
  3. Press the two nose pieces down, and then follow along the bottom pressing the pad down, then around the sides and along the top.
  4. That’s it! Strap on that Gear VR and enjoy the comfort of your new pad!