Experience this state-of-the-art, one of a kind form of entertainment at New England’s First Virtual Reality Experience Center located in Hampton Beach, NH.

Go beneath the ocean to explore a lost shipwreck and come face to face with amazing marine life including a giant blue whale, or test your limits as you step out onto a narrow wood plank which sits 160 meters (50 stories) above the city streets.

Our family fun virtual reality experience and entertainment center has a little something for everyone from casual to high-intensity.

We have many thrilling, jaw-dropping, and hair raising virtual reality experiences for you at each of our VR experience stations:

  • 9Dfx VR motion simulator rides (4 seats): Amusement park, exploration, television/movie, and horror motion experiences!
  • Two 10 foot by 10 foot spaces: You are fully immersed in the center of a VR experience where you can physically walk around, explore and interact with the virtual world! Hold the front line as you ward off Nazi soldiers in a WWII shooter, climb Mount Everest and take-in all its vast beauty, step into the ring and punch your way to a boxing championship in a one-of-a-kind arcade boxing experience, protect yourself any way possible in a horrific zombie apocalypse shooter, let your artistic self leap out of you as you paint in full 3D space walking all around and even through your creations, grab a lightsaber and fend off Jedi stormtroopers, and so much more!
  • VirZoom bike experiences (2 bikes): Go head-to-head with your friend in a virtual reality car race or battle in an all out tank war, all powered by you and your peddling! Or, play solo and assume the persona of a cowboy as you ride your horse and lasso other cowboys, hop into a canoe and lead ducks in a pond, race a bike a road course, and even fly on the back of a mythical Pegasys!
  • Featured 8 foot by 12 foot skyscraper plank experience: Are you afraid of heights? Take an elevator to our plank that sits 160m (50 stories) high above the city streets, then dare to step out and walk to the end! An exhilarating experience that will have you guessing what is real and what isn’t. This is the perfect experience for first-timers!


$10 per experience (*some experiences may be more or less)


Purchase one $10 experience and receive a 9Dfx VR Motion Simulator Ride for only $5


169 Ocean Boulevard, Hampton Beach, NH